Not bad

Aliens Invasion is a extraterrestrial shoot 'em up for your mobile phone.

This game looks slick, and if you're into action games of the bang bang sort, you might just like it. To progress through the levels, you need to kill the scary-looking aliens that are rampaging through your wild west town. They come from the left and the right, even popping up from the ground beneath you. Aliens Invasion uses on-screen controls - move back and forth, using the gun and axe to shoot and hack your way through the aliens.

While you're playing Aliens Invasion, you'll need to keep an eye on health and ammo. You can refill by entering the buildings you pass on your way through the town, and as you earn money by killing the aliens, you'll be able to buy new, more effective weapons at the end of each level.

The only problem with Aliens Invasion is that it's really, really boring. The gameplay is the same throughout - shoot, shoot, shoot until you get all the bad guys. The enemies seem to be all the same, and even the Aliens Invasion music is repetitive. The game itself is fine, but it's a whole lot of the same thing. We can't imagine it will keep you entertained for long.

Aliens Invasion is a standard shoot 'em up that gets boring very quickly.

Aliens Invasion


Aliens Invasion 1.4

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